Wednesday, May 03, 2006

On the Campaign Trail

In April, I had more fun than a person should be allowed. I started off my month in New York City, where I was visiting with my sister. My mom and I flew out to NYC to help her re-decorate her apartment, and then we went to see a musical "A Light in The Piazza." Exploring the city was so much fun, and I just love Angela's Brooklyn neighborhood.

When I returned home, I immediately started to get ready to move into my new house! I am all settled now, and am getting back into the swing of my life and my business.

But the fun really started as I had the opportunity to visit several County Conventions in my Utah Senate District. Let's just say right here and now that Utah's citizens are wonderful. I enjoyed meeting everyone at the conventions, I loved learning what is important to you, and I can't wait to do it again very soon. There are 6 counties in my senate district: Iron, Beaver, Millard, Garfield, Kane, and 1/2 of Washington County. Lots of ground to cover, but I have the energy and the drive to get it done.

I particularly enjoyed listening to Mr. Pete Ashdown speak at each convention. Man, we have to get this guy elected. Not only does he have something to say, but I am PROUD to be on the same ticket as this man. One quote of Pete's that I am particularly fond of:

"All in all, I find myself more closely aligned with Democrats, but wish we didn't have a party system at all. I believe it prevents representatives from acting and thinking for their constituents' best interests. Nevertheless, its what we've got and I don't envision change from the two party system in my lifetime." - Pete Ashdown, Candidate for US Senate

Today I am getting ready for the State convention on May 12 & 13 - I have been on the committee to organize the Jefferson Jackson Dinner - and again, more fun than a person should have. I have met some *wonderful* people, but have a new found appreciation for what goes into these major events.

I am working on getting signs and banners printed so that I will have them for convention. Of course this takes cash, and I have a lot of it to raise. I did recruit a good fundraiser, so I think we're ready to get moving. In the meantime, contact me if you would like to donate to this good cause.


At 9:45 AM, Blogger Emily For Utah Senate 28 said...

If you'd like to read the speech I read at the county conventions, go here:

The Voice of Your Values


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