Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thank you to the 6,387 voters who believed in me!

Thank you so much to everyone who went to vote yesterday, and to the 6,387 voters who believed in me. Although this was not enough votes to win in the long run, I am humbled by all of those who had the confidence in me that I could be the State Senator for District 28.

OK, it was not the kind of victory we had hoped for, it did not turn out how we had planned. But it is a victory in so many other ways!

1. We made a republican candidate in Southern Utah run a real campaign! Had I not run, he would have walked into the seat without doing any of the hard work.

2. We have begun building some great momentum for the future. We have done more in Southern Utah than anybody ever expected, and I think that speaks volumes of where we can go.

3. I have learned more about myself than I imagined possible. I learned that a. I am a great fundraiser; b. that I can hold my own in a room full of good ole boys; and c. I can do anything without fear.

Please do not look at this as a loss! It is a victory!

The Female Democrat from southern Utah got almost 30 percent of the vote in the REDDEST of RED areas of the REDDEST of RED states in all of America. In Iron County, I pulled 32 percent, which is better than anyone expected.

Thanks to all of you for believing in me. You haven't seen the last of me in Utah politics.

But first, I'm going to Disneyland.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Please exercise your right to vote today. It doesn't matter who you vote for or what your political party is. It is very important for people to get out and exercise their right to vote.

Men and women have fought and died to protect this right to vote. My grandfather fought in World War II, and my nephew is fighting in Iraq today. Our servicement aren't fighting for a political party, they are fighting for Americans and all of the rights that we hold dear.

Please visit my website to find your polling location, and please... exercise your right to vote!

Emily Bingham Hollingshead
Candidate for Utah Senate, District 28

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Emily and Dennis - Sound off on illegal immigration solution

Compare and contrast, folks.

Who has the passion to serve the families of Utah? Who is willing to stand up and be heard?

Dennis Stowell's favorite answer is always "we need to study it and find out what the real problem is."

That takes too long. I'm more of a nuts and bolts kind of person who likes to jump in and get things done.

Dennis Stowell:

Emily Hollingshead:

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I have said a million times that I never wanted to be a politician. It opens up your whole life to the world and all of the ideas and thoughts that you have are out in the open for the world to scrutinize. And on a regular basis, people tell you how they feel about you... some good, some bad, all of it interesting.

Yesterday, I recieved a piece of mail that was addressed from "current resident" - the anonymous sender had cut up my education mailer (below) and crossed out several lines, made silly irrelevant comments, and let me know exactly how he felt about the piece that he received in the mail.

First of all... dude... I don't care if you are not voting for me. I don't care if you don't agree with me. I'm sorry you felt the need to waste a stamp. Had I received a piece in the mail I didn't agree with, I would have thrown it in the garbage and moved on with my life.

So, I know of one guy who isn't voting for me. I am sure there are a few more.

But just five minutes ago, a self-described "hard core" republican called me up and told me that I need to bring a sign to him immediately, because in his words, I am "his kind of person" and that I am the *only* democrat he will probably ever vote for. And then I recieved an email from a person saying that "two respected republicans" would like yard signs, and could I please deliver them this morning. That's 3:1 folks. I can only hope that *those* odds are in my favor.

Isn't life funny?

Monday, October 30, 2006

Emily Hollingshead vs. Dennis Stowell - Part 1

Compare, contrast. Ladies and gentleman, this man, my opponent, Dennis Stowell, was just endorsed by Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. for the Utah Senate.

Question: "What can we do for public education?"



Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Final Countdown

Well, folks... there are only 17 days left until this little project comes to an end. I cannot tell you what a rewarding experience this has been... and no matter how this turns out, this has been an experience I will never forget. I have learned so much over the last 8 months about Utah and the people who live here, but more importantly I have learned what I am truly capable of and now realize that I can do anything I set my mind to doing. I think I knew that before, but I did not know how far I could actually go. No matter if I win the election or if God has other things in store for me, I promise that you have not seen the last of me in Utah politics.

So many interesting things have transpired over the last few months. I have tried to keep my message positive and focused on the things that I feel are important. I have knocked on literally thousands of doors (I think we hit 4,500 sometime today around 2pm in Fillmore) and I have talked to thousands of Utah citizens. I wish I had been wearing a pedometer all along, I can't imagine how many steps my feet have logged. I have put over 20,000 miles on my car since March, and have lost 7 lbs from all the walking. I'm not complaining - that in itself is a fabulous side effect of campaigning.

I have appreciated the good mentors at the Utah Senate and Utah House who have been there for me and who have made sure that I had the appropriate tools to get this job done. I have especially appreciated fellow Senate candidates Representative Pat Jones and former Representative Trisha Beck who have given advice worth its weight in solid gold. And there are not words to express the good help provided to me by the Utah Democratic party, who has been there with me every step of the way, guiding this neophite through every single aspect of my campaign. Specifically, thanks to Chairman Wayne Holland, who has made me focus on the positive, and when I get a little bit discouraged by the sea of "red" tells me to go "walk a neighborhood" and "don't come back until you feel better." I have to say, Wayne... it works every time. To Rob Miller, the uber blogger, who reminds me that I am stronger than I think I am. And to the rest of the staff - Todd, Tika, Marci, Jeff, and Craig - thanks for just taking my phone calls. You folks are awesome!

There are the strong and proud Iron County Democrats. Although our numbers are small, our spirit is unbelievable. There are too many people to name, but thanks to all of them for the undying commitment to my campaign and for always believing in me. I must give a special nod to Cyril Noble of the Washington County Democrats, whom I believe is the hardest working Democrat in all of Southern Utah.

There is my darling campaign manager, Cidne, and her crew of volunteers who just GO for it and hit the road and get that walking done. I can't imagine the foot miles *they* have logged over the last month. To the hundreds of people who have donated money, your donations have made all of this possible. And to the hundreds of people ... republicans and democrats alike... with lawn signs --- wow! Thank you for stepping out and supporting this Democrat, and for really believing in me!

I have to thank my beautiful friends, who have tolerated my mood swings and one-track mind, and nobody should have to put up with *that* on a regular basis! I promise to be more fun once this is over!! To Larry and Kristen, who have been a good emotional support system and who are the only two other people I know who truly understand what a campaign does to a family. To Katie, who campaigns for more candidates than anybody in Utah, but who is always willing to help. To Sue, who keeps sending the funny jokes and emails, which lightens me right up. To Michael, whose experience in campaign management has been invaluable. And to Reshell, who has made more sacrifices than I can imagine, you will never know what your incredible help has meant to me.

The list would not be complete without naming my good family. Tim and Kristen Hollingshead, who are good listeners and give good advice. Hey guys, only 22 more days until Disneyland! My parents, in spite of their being republicans, have been my most dedicated cheerleaders and have brought many otherwise non-democratic voters into my camp. My sister, the wordsmith, who has helped me make sure that my message was always *just* right. My brother, who just kept encouraging me. And my two wonderful sons, Chas and Sam, who have really hung in there even though every bit of their spare time is spent on the road, either campaigning or making sure the signs have all stayed put. Only two more weekends of this, kids... I promise.

And then there is Mark. I do not deserve him. He has been my constant companion and best friend for over 20 years. But in the last 8 months, I have really come to understand the depth of his love and devotion to me. He has kept up with the kids and the housework and even the laundry. He has helped me pull off two stake choir events (no small feat) and has had the best ideas for advertising. He has walked with me, has gone to every campaign event with me, and has been by my side every step of the way. He helps me with every aspect of this campaign, and has been my practice audience for every speech. He tells me every day that he is proud of me, and makes sure that I *always* have time to decompress. Mark, I love you more than I dreamed possible. Thank you so much for encouraging me on this journey and for never letting me stop going.

I did not really mean for this entry to turn so sappy and dramatic... but I fear I won't have 10 minutes in the next two weeks to really get it all down. My calendar is jam packed over the next 17 days, and I just know I won't even have time to blog let alone tell people how grateful I am for them.

I think this is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. But boy has it been fun. I have 2000 more homes to visit in 17 days. With the help of my solid team and good friends, I think we will make it. I have never been more grateful for anyone as I am for all of you now.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Block Walking and Swearing Allegiance

I love block walking. I love meeting the individuals who live in Senate District 28, I love hearing what is important to them, and I especially like the good conversations we get to have with those who are supporters, but also with those who flat out tell me that I won't get their vote, simply because I am a Democrat.

Tonight I met such an individual. He thought it was interesting that I didn't identify my political party on my flyer or my signs. He made it clear to me that he votes as a staunch republican. He even told me to move on down the road because he probably wasn't going to vote for me, simply because I have a (D) next to my name.

But I appreciated the moment to have a good conversation with this man, who agreed that if we were in a Sunday school class we would have many similar views. He couldn't get his brain around why I am a Democrat, and asked me, if I have such strong family values, why I didn't just align myself with the Republican party instead. I told him because I am a Democrat, not a Republican. He also told me that he couldn't vote for me, because he felt that if push came to shove, I would vote with the Democrats... I told him that I would always vote for what's RIGHT, no matter if it is a Republican idea or a Democrat idea. He told me that was wrong... that I should swear allegiance to my political party.

I don't believe that at all. I believe that I should swear allegiance to the United States of America, and to the State of utah, and to the citizens who live here.

What I'm learning more than anything... I'm sick of partisan politics. I'm tired of the litmus tests of "how do you feel about abortion" and "are you pro-family-enough??" Isn't it enough anymore to trust that a person will work hard and make the *right* decisions for Utah families? Partisan politics is ruining America. In Utah, we need to stand above this. We need to be better than this. We absolutely *must* put partisan politics aside, and vote for the person who will do the very best job for those who live here.

Thank you to all of the people who live in Senate District 28 for making me work harder for you, for being absolutely committed to your ideals, and for being honest regarding the values and issues that are important to you. *These* are the values which I promise to uphold, not the values of some political party. This is what America, and more importantly, what Utah is all about.