Monday, October 30, 2006

Emily Hollingshead vs. Dennis Stowell - Part 1

Compare, contrast. Ladies and gentleman, this man, my opponent, Dennis Stowell, was just endorsed by Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. for the Utah Senate.

Question: "What can we do for public education?"




At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Angela Bingham said...

You should send this to Huntsman himself!! This is so great! You are so great! I am so proud of you!

At 11:49 AM, Anonymous Hans Roelofs said...

Let me say this:I will vote for you because your opponent simply repressents the Good Old Boys in the district.Neither one of your candidates however faces the major problem in public education head-on: OVERHEAD!!! and that is because you have the UEA breathing in your neck!You need to address this issue in order to get more money in the classroom and that is why characters like Bud Bowman and cohorts are so luke warm in appropriating more money into the system in spite of the enormous surplus in the State's coffins.

At 11:55 AM, Blogger Emily For Utah Senate 28 said...


I do agree with you - the problem is that we put too much money at the top and not enough money in the classroom where it belongs.

I have said over and over again that if we absolutely must change our priorities. You should know that no southern utah democrat received a UEA endorsement. I am not beholden to them or any other special interest group. I am beholden to the Utah families and promise to do the right thing... and I will always fight for more money in the clasrooms and better salaries for teachers. That is the first step to creating a world class education system that *truly* leaves no child behind.

At 7:56 PM, Anonymous JimThompson said...

Utah actually spends some of the lowest around on administration for education. They have one of the highest, if not the highest amount students per administrator rates in the country.

THIS teacher thinks you're a WONDERFUL candidate Emily. Your aims are right down the line with mine. I'm absolutely tired of special interest groups of all kinds and "good old boy" politics. It's time for real people like you to be heard.

Be careful, there are a couple of notions floating around masquerading as "more money for education or the classroom" that aren't what they seem.

At 9:54 PM, Blogger Emily For Utah Senate 28 said...

Hello Jim Thompson!

I do not advocate raising taxes, we have plenty of money already (Hello, anybody heard of the budget surpluses that we have had in Utah for the past 5 years in a row?) I advocate that we change our priorities. Everyone knows that the legislature *continually* chooses to fund transportation over education. Most of the surplus from the last session went to transportation. I think this is wrong. We need to bond for transportation. Any moderate debt that we incur for transportation can be made up through our growing economy and population.

And now, it appears that we are going to have *another* budget surplus. And a healthy share of new, on-going revenue should be spent on public education (packaged with some meaningful education reform measures).

I stand for teachers, I stand for our schools. I also say we don't need to raise taxes, and anybody who thinks I believe that isn't paying attention!!

Thanks for your good note.


At 2:24 PM, Anonymous JimThompson said...

I don't advocate raising taxes either Emily. I DO believe we have some nontax resources we can use too. AND I am VERY against things like the Jones/Mascaro tax proposal.

What we DO need is indeed people who stand for teachers, for schools, and education, not people who have an agenda against it. What we need is a change in attitude and an increase in effort. A little time goes a long way and it doesn't cost any taxpayer money at all.

At 5:13 PM, Blogger Emily For Utah Senate 28 said...

Right on.

That's the best thing I've heard yet!

I'll say it again... I will stand for teachers, for schools, and education. I'm *tired* of the many legislators in Utah who have an agenda against it. I do feel that is the whole problem in Utah, too many people wanting to show public education "who's boss."

Counting down until Tuesday...


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