Monday, August 21, 2006

It's All About Family Values

Utah likes to talk a lot about “Family Values” – Utah’s strong commitment to family and children is a major reason that we returned to Utah and why we live in Cedar City, because it is a great place to raise kids.

The Hollingshead Family, 2006
In all things that affect Utah's families, we should be setting the standard for the rest of the nation to follow. We should always do everything we can to help Utah families to be successful.

First of all, I believe we can fully fund education and give teachers what they need to be successful. I also believe we can do it without undue tax burdens. We can give our schools the resources they require without raising taxes. It’s just a matter of choices & priorities coupled with dedication to get it done. If elected to the Utah Senate, I pledge to make public schools the the very best choice for our children, and I promise to do it without undue tax burdens. As a state that values its children, we should be at the top of the list, not at the bottom. Investing in our children is a FAMILY VALUE.

I believe that every person in the state of Utah should have access to basic quality health services at a cost they can afford. A growing number of children in Utah do not get the health care they need because their families do not have insurance. As a state that values its children, we can and we should do better. Affordable health care is not a luxury. Making sure that kids and families get the health services they need is a FAMILY VALUE.

I believe that Utah families deserve a break! The average Utah family will spend $528 on school supplies this year. This is in addition to the many other fees associated with sending a child back to school. To help ease this burden, I support a tax cut like the back-to-school sales tax holiday. A ‘Back-to-School’ sales tax holiday puts real money back into the pockets of Utah families who already contribute so much to Utah’s growing economy.

I support removing the remaining portion of the state sales tax on food. If the sales tax on food were removed, food products would be less expensive and easier to purchase. This means parents would have an easier time feeding their kids. It means that people on a fixed or limited income would be able to stretch their dollars further at the grocery store. In short, it would mean that fewer people in the state of Utah would go without enough to eat-and that is a cause we can all rally behind.

Helping Utah families by providing them with common sense tax breaks - that's a FAMILY VALUE!

The families who live in Senate District 28 have a community spirit that is second to none. Our area is brimming with good families who believe in a vision for Utah, and people like you who believe they can make, and are making, a difference.

I believe in UTAH FAMILIES. As your Senator, I will work hard to represent the values and issues that are most important to you, and I will always fight for YOUR family. I do not subscribe to "Petty Partisan Politics" nor do I believe that decisions affecting Southern Utah and our rural communities should be dictated by Wasatch Front politicians. As your Senator, I will listen to your ideas and fight hard to make sure that your voice is heard. I am inspired by what you do, I am energized by what you have to say, and am looking forward to what we can do together for Utah.


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