Monday, August 14, 2006

Rob Miller for Davis County Commissioner

I don't live in Davis County. I only know a few people who DO live in Davis County. My uncle lives there. And a guy I went to college with a million years ago, I think his parents still live there. There may be others, but the sum total of people I know in Davis County doesn't add up to much. But still, I want to tell them, and everyone in Davis County, that they need to support Rob Miller for County Commissioner.

I met Rob through my association with the Utah Democratic Party. Rob was also very instrumental in getting me to just go for it and run for the Utah Senate. At first he told me it was "OK" to be the sacrificial name on the ballot - he told me that it was OK if I didn't do anything but just put my name out there. However, once I decided to GO, and run a real campaign for senate seat 28, Rob has been one of my biggest cheerleaders. Recently, Rob shared his thoughts on being an LDS Democrat. I felt inspired to weigh in on the subject and shared some of those thoughts right here on this blog.

There are many reasons that I think Rob Miller will make a great county commissioner. First of all, he is just an all around nice guy... and niceness DOES COUNT in politics. Second of all, Rob is approachable - you will never see Rob Miller hide behind titles or refuse to talk to his constituents. He will always be available and willing to to talk to anybody who has a question or concern. Rob stands up for people! Third, and most important, Rob has a good plan for Davis County! His platform is about Davis County families, and what it means to have ethical government. I believe Rob will follow through with every single thing that he says he will do if elected as a Davis County Commissioner. Rob comes from a long line of public service, and Davis County will be lucky to have him. We need people like Rob Miller serving in Utah government!

Thank you, Rob, for putting yourself out there and for getting the rest of us to follow your lead. I wish you much success in the coming months.

My very best regards,

Emily Bingham Hollingshead
Candidate for Utah Senate District 28


At 12:31 AM, Blogger Rob said...

Thanks Emily.


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