Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Birthday America!

Emily for Utah Senate!

Today we are celebrating the 4th of July, and I had my "coming out" party - walked in the parade, waved to many supporters and friends, and we passed out 1000 flags that said "Vote for Emily." Here are some photos of my parade entourage - special thanks to my friends who were able to join me, and to my family for walking along side us and waving to the crowd. A very special thanks to Jamie Cyphers for driving his beautiful bass boat and hauling some very cute kids (including my own.) Also thank you to JR Davenport for driving his pretty white Escalade and leading the way.

Family and Friends, half of them are "Republicans for Emily"

My sister, Angela Bingham, with my two favorite sons... Chas (left) and Sam.

The Boat

Jamie's Truck

The Larry Daniel for Utah District 72 Crowd
Larry and Kristen's cute daughters - Shelby and ChyAnn
You can see JR Davenport's "Emily" Escalade in the background

Larry Daniel for House District 72


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